SINTEF Narvik develops technologies that are adapted to the challenges of the Arctic climate. Pack ice, icing, ice ridges and winter storms place high demands on maritime structures. Many industrial operations in the north require new approaches for materials, surveillance, emergency response and safety. The combination of extreme track forces in steep terrain with high precipitation is tested on the Ofoten Railway. We research on Arctic Technology because it is here in the North that it happens.

At present our core activities within Arctic Technology include:

  • Ice thermodynamics in different materials (water, soil, concrete, iron ore) and ice mechanics.
  • Oil-in-ice is a major focus.
  • Cold tolerant bioremediation of polluted soil and water.
  • Climate projections/scenarios; future modeling; snow/ice/rain/sun quantities.
  • Winterisation of facilities; Work processes/industrial processes in cold climate including concreting in winter.
  • Cold climate advantages – such as datacentre cooling, valorisation of waste heat.
  • Data acquisition and near-real time presentation.
  • Fieldwork with KV Svalbard; Barents Sea; Field installations; HSVA Hamburg; Mobile cold room facility.
  • Numerical(FEM/LS Dyna/COMSOL) and Analytical (Python)
  • Ship traffic in ice-infested waters; Satellite-AIS.