Inauguration of the Solvåg solar cell system

SINTEF Narvik has participated in the development of the Solvåg solar cell park, from concept to comissioning. The collaboration will not be stopping there however. The performance of the park will be followed up in collaboration with PiteEnergi AB and the solenergy group at RiSE ETC in Piteå.

The Solvåg installation is owned by PiteEnergi, the local energy company, which owns already two solar cell parks in Piteå, a tracking system, and one of Sweden’s largest roof-mounted systems. As with the other two solar cell parks the Solvåg system is primarily a test- and research installation.

The Solvåg system was opened in connection with the conference “Arctic Solar – solar-electricity in the Nordic climate”, which this year had a special focus on double-siden solar panels (bifacial).

Read more about the official opening of the Solvåg installation in this article from (in Swedish)

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