N3C approved as an ARENA Cluster

Foto: Tom Hansen/Innovasjon Norge

Ten new business clusters have been included in the cluster program Norwegian Innovation Clusters. SINTEF Narvik is one of the companies in Betongklyngen N3C “Norwegian Cold Concrete Cluster”.

An industry cluster is a concentration of knowledge companies – small and large – that interact and innovate through an extensive degree of competence sharing and collaboration. Research shows that companies in business clusters grow more, and create more value, and are more innovative than companies that are outside business clusters.

The N3C cluster, or collection of member companies, consists of a total of 43 members. Heatwork AS, Nordland Betong AS, Visinor AS, A. Markussen AS, UiT, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norcem and SINTEF Narvik are some of the core members from Nordland. The 43, large and small companies in the entire value chain from Trøndelag and Northern Norway, as well as research and educational institutions, have the ambition to develop into a world-leading innovation and competence environment for construction and concrete work in the Arctic (plus five degrees or colder ) climate. The good collaborative climate between academia and business is solidly founded, and has yielded results. Among other things in the form of membership in the national cluster program.

A report on the selection of the N3C to an Arena Cluster can be found in the Fremover newspaper (in Norwegian).

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