In the last decades there has been a greater appreciation of the impact of Greenhouse Gas emissions, and the need for greater implementation of low carbon alternatives for energy supply. SINTEF Narvik is active in the development and promotion of different forms of renewable energy, as well as their implementation in hybrid energy systems. In particular SINTEF Narvik has worked with solar energy, bioenergy (from forest and short rotation crops), energy effectivisation, heat recovery and heat pumps.


  • Potential for bioenergy production from Forest (Hvitbioløvmasse project, see brochure) and Short Rotation Crops (Lifecycle based bioenergy, see brochure). Investigated in two Interreg Nord projects, together with Arvidsjaur kommune and Glommersträsk Miljöenergi AB.

Energy Effectivisation

  • EEBAK – Energy Effectivisation of Buildings in Arctic Municipalities (Kommuner)
  • Studies of heat pump and energy recovery from waste heat.

Solar Energy

During the period when REC Solar had solar cell production facilities in operation in Northern Norway (2000 – 2012) NORUT Narvik had built up a technical group within solar energy. The majority of the work was on the development of silicon-based solar cells, and included all stages from fabrication of crucibles, casting of silicon and production of solar modules. 

The research was performed in cooperation with national and international companies. A competence centre was established in Narvik for the development of new methods for production of solar cells: “Photo Voltaic Production Technology”, (PVPT). 

We also work on the implementation of solar energy, both experimentally and on theoretical aspects through simulations. In May 2009 SINTEF Narvik established an outdoor test facility in Narvik for solar cell modules, on a tracking system. 

Collaboration between Renewable Energy and Material Technology groups at SINTEF Narvik also worked on passive house technology and low energy buildings. 

Collaboration with both private and public entities is welcomed. SINTEF Narvik has extensive experience with multinational projects. 

Activities within solar energy

  • Solar electricity: silicon wafers, cells and modules
  • Solar heat: solar hybrids, solar heating, Novel absorbent layers
  • Solar cells: characterisation of cell material and surfaces, optical, electrical and mechanical analyses and measurements. Surface treatment and thin film techniques. Antireflection and passivation of solar cells. Electrochemical modification of solar cells.
  • Photovoltaic Production Technology, PVPT
  • Simulation of silicon casting (Cz)
  • Recirculation of silicon and quarts
  • Low energy/Passive house building technology
  • Energy supply for buildings.

Some earlier projects within solar energy

Hybrid Systems for renewable energy

Some earlier projects within Hybrid renewable energy systems