FORUT, Forskningsstiftelsen ved Universitetet i Tromsø, (Research Foundation at University of Tromsø) is established at a foundation meeting on 16. March 1984.

FORUT has established 4 departments: FORUT Technology is established in Narvik with responsibility for construction and material technology. (The other three departments are Community Planning; Information Technology and Marine Biotechnology). .

NORUT Teknologi is established as a result of a fusion between FORUT Teknologi, Sintef Nord-Norge and the Northern Norwegian division of the Norwegian Building Research Institute. (In addition the companies NORUT Information Technology AS and NORUT Social Research AS are established at the same time).

NORUT Group AS (NORUT Gruppen AS) is established on 27. February 1992, with the daughter companies Fisheries Research (Fiskeriforskning AS), NORUT Information Technology (NORUT Informasjonsteknologi AS), NORUT Social Research (NORUT Samfunnsforskning AS) and NORUT Technology (NORUT Teknologi AS). The NORUT Group has approximately 200 employees.

NORUT Medicine and Health A.S. (NORUT Medisin og Helse AS) is established in March 1996, and is incorporated as a daughter company in NORUT Gruppen and is located int he same premises as the NORUT-companies in the Research park (Forskningsparken) in Tromsø.

The Foundation Finnmark Research (Stiftelsen Finnmarksforskning) is converted to NORUT Finnmark AS and is incorporated as a daughter company in the NORUT Group.

On the 1st. September SFF in Bergen is integrated with Fisheries Research (Fiskeriforskning) as a department for feed development and marine processing. All companies in the NORUT Group get a common logo design.

On the 1st. January Norut Finnmark AS is merged with NIBR’s Northern Norwegian division to form NORUT NIBR Finnmark AS. On 1st. May Nordconserv AS is established as a daughter company in Fisheries Research (Fiskeriforskning AS). In Desember the Research park in Tromsø (Forskningsparken i Tromsø) changed its name to NorInnova AS and became a daughter company in the NORUT Group AS. The foundation FORUT is dissolved and the University in Tromsø becomes the majority owner in NORUT Group. NORUT now has about 300 employees and is located in Alta, Tromsø, Narvik, Bergen og Stavanger.

The Government resolves to establish NOFIMA, a research organisation for marine industry and food industry, where Fisheries Research (Fiskeriforskning AS) is to be included.

Early in the year the daughter companies NORUT Social Research (NORUT Samfunnsforskning AS) and NORUT Information Technology AS (NORUT Informasjonsteknologi AS) are merged to a single company, NORUT AS. On 27th. August the NORUT Group sold their shares in Fisheries Research (Fiskeriforskning AS) to NOFIMA.

On 4th. December NORUT AS and NORUT Group AS were merged to a single company, NORUT Tromsø AS. A new name was adopted: Northern Research Institute, and a new logo. The name NORUT is retained as a short form of the legal name “Northern Research Institute”. As a curiosity, there are currently two entries for NORUT on the Norwegian company Register: a real estate agent in Stryn, and the Association for Norwegians of Foreign Extraction ( NORUT – Organisasjon for Nordmenn med Utenlandsoppvekst). Neither of these has any connection to the Northern Research Institute AS

The new companies at this point at the end of 2007 were (short name in parentheses):

Northern Research Institute Tromsø (NORUT Tromsø)
Northern Research Institute Narvik (NORUT Narvik)
Northern Research Institute Alta – Áltá (NORUT Alta)

NORUT Narvik gains the University College of Narvik (Høgskolen i Narvik , HiN) as a formal owner, with 34 % and the Northern Research Institute Group with 66 %, through a share emission by the Nordland Provincial Government (Nordland Fylkeskommune, NFK) buying out HiN’s shares in the Northern Research Institute Group.

Northern Research Institute Narvik AS reaches 25 years of operation.

Forte Narvik Invest AS enter as an owner of Northern Research Institute Narvik with a share of 24% . Northern Research Institute Narvik AS is now owned by Northern Research Institute Tromsø AS (the earlier NORUT Group), Narvik University College (Høgskolen i Narvik, HiN) and Forte Narvik Invest.

On the 1st. September Northern Research Institute Tromsø AS and Northern Research Institute Alta are merged. The company’s new name is Northern Research Institute, referred to as NORUT in short form.

The Narvik University College (Høgskolen i Narvik) is fusioned to become a part of the UiT Norway’s Arctic University (UiT Norges Arktiske Universitet).

Northern Research Institute (Tromsø) engages in fusion negotiations with the NORCE research consortium on the 3rd May. The Northern Research Institute Group sells its shares in Northern Research Institute Narvik AS to UiT Norway’s Arctic University (UiT Norges arktiske universitet) and Forte Narvik Invest AS. On the 15th. October the NORUT Group sells its ownership in Norinnova Technology Transfer to SIVA, UiT Norway’s Arctic University and the provincial governments of Troms and Nordland.  

– Northern Research Institute Narvik AS continues to operate as an independent institute, and is not participating in the fusion with the NORCE consortium. .
– Northern Research Institute (Tromsø) fusion med NORCE is activated from 1st. April 2019.
– In September 2019 SINTEF buys the shares of Forte Narvik Invest AS and becomes the majority owner (66,64%), with the name changing to SINTEF Narvik AS. UiT Norway’s Arctic University retains a 33,36% ownership. SINTEF Narvik is organised administratively under SINTEF Community.