Environmental Technology is an area of application for the technical competence at SINTEF Narvik, rather than a separate technical discipline. We have worked with pollution remediation, waste valorisation and renewable energy long before these areas found the terms of cleantech, circular economy and low-carbon.

Some of the activities at SINTEF Narvik within Environmental Technology are:

  • Renewable Energy – more information here
  • Bioremediation
  • Waste valorisation

Waste valorisation

  • Recovery of hydrofluoric acid from solar cell industry wastewater, using reverse osmosis membrane technology.
  • Valorisation of the wet organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OF-MSW)
    • Biogas
    • Biorefining
    • Solid-state lactic acid fermentation (Bokashi(TM) system). Details in this outline and results summary.
  • A study of options for valorisation of organic waste in Democratic Republic of Congo, see summary here.
  • Value creation from Spent Brewers Grain
  • The Infrastructure, Materials and Constructions group at NORUT Narvik has projects investigating the recycling of concrete.
  • The Kolarctic SEESIMA project has work packages investigating the use of tailings from mining industry.