Lab 2 is equipped for hazardous wet chemistry work, including the use of hydrofluoric acid and ammonia. Three fume extract cupboards are provided as well as associated safety equipment (shower and gas detection and alarm systems). The analysis of metal concentrations is made with an ICP-MS (inductively-coupled mass spectrometer).


ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer) for quantitative analysis of metal ion concentrations.

Entec Tube Furnace for heating samples under controlled gas phase composition.

Spin coater (Speciality Coating Systems 6800) for application of various formulations to planar substrates.

Laminator (PVLAMO 25) for laminating solar cells.

Climate controlled chamber (Vötsch VCL 4010) for subjecting samples to controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Temperature can be cycled between -04 and +180 deg C and humidity between 10% RH and 95% RH.

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printer) for producing prototypes in PLA plastic.

Sheet resistance measurement (Advanced Instrument Technology CMT SR2000N-PV)