SINTEF Narvik Offices

SINTEF Narvik was originally located in the Technology Park in Narvik but relocated to offices and shared laboratories at the UiT Campus Narvik in 1998. In 2013 when UiT needed more space for their own activities SINTEF Narvik moved back to the Technology Park and the 3rd floor of Rombaksveien 47, and the Solar/Photovoltaic laboratories and offices SINTEF Narvik had earlier shared with Innotech Solar. This has given SINTEF Narvik modern spacious offices and four laboratories which have been rebuilt to adapt to the diverse requirements of SINTEF Narvik’s research activities.

Much of SINTEF Narvik’s research and contract activity is concerned with cold climate conditions. Hence two mobile laboratories were obtained by rebuilding shipping containers. One is used for study of sea ice, and has been taken onboard the Coast Guard ship KV Svalbard for field work at 80° N. The other mobile laboratory is used for cold and ‘dirty’ activities associated with microbial degradation of petroleum-polluted soil and biomass processing.

SINTEF Narvik is engaged in field work to obtain real-life data or samples to supplement and verify laboratory and simulation studies. The field work sites are an important part of SINTEF Narvik’s infrastructure and have a key role in the institute’s ability to deliver relevant research to the customers and project partners. Considerable experience has been accumulated in the efficient planning and execution of field work in a wide variety of situations.

SINTEF Narvik retains some shared laboratory facilities at UiT Campus Narvik. Major equipment items owned by SINTEF Narvik but located at UiT Narvik include a Scanning Electron Microscope, material strength testing facilities, and mineral processing equipment (crushing, grinding and sieving).

Further details of the research facilities are contained in the following links:

A (incomplete) list over laboratory equipment held by SINTEF Narvik is located at this link.