Rail transport is amongst the most environmentally sound and profitable transport alternatives. In the North the railway is particularly important for transport of iron ore, goods and fresh fish. A well-functioning interaction between train rolling stock and railway infrastructure is therefore a prerequisite. Northern Research Institute Narvik solves railway technology challenges for both rail system managers and train companies.

At present our core activities within Railway Technology cover

  • Competence primarily on the railway’s ‘superstructure’; heavy rail/ cold climate; measurement/monitoring of track forces in the field; load effect analyses; strengthening of existing infrastructure as well as design of new upgrading and reinforcement solutions. The competence is relevant and transferable to other railways within and outside Norway.
  • Operation and maintenance; Structual Health Monitoring (SHM); sensor technology; structural integrity of structures and remaining service life.
  • Rolling stock and wheel/track forces.
  • Ofoten Railway as a test arena for ‘heavy haul rail’ for evaluation of railway material and new infrastructure solutions.
  • Sustainable bridges is a previously completed EU Framework-project where NORUT Narvik was the only Norwegian participant. The project had 30 partners and focused on railway bridge infrastructure with the goal of increasing the carrying capacity and regularity/loading with 33%/25%.