Research Groups

Research at SINTEF Narvik is closely connected to topical challenges in society and business-life. We offer highly competent technological research to our clients wihin and outside Norway. We offer also laboratory services, networking, knowledge and support for the preparation of R&D financing applications.

Researchers at SINTEF Narvik work in both specialised and cross-disciplinary manners. Their competence is therefore developed and applied in a broad range of projects and assignments. The research and researchers are organised in the following research groups:.

Research Areas

Research at SINTEF Narvik is closely aligned with the topical challenges in society and business life. This has given competence and research areas that sometimes operate across several research groups.

Infrastructure, Materials and Constructions

SINTEF Narvik perform calculations and simulations of physical phenomena and processes and model the mechanical properties of materials.

In addition research is performed within degradation of concrete structures, maintenance, repair and reinforcement of concrete structures and surface behandling, concrete technology, composite materials and welding.

Railway Technology

Rail transport is amongst the most environmentally sound and profitable transport alternatives. In the North the railway is particularly important for transport of iron ore, goods and fresh fish. A well-functioning interaction between train rolling stock and railway infrastructure is therefore a prerequisite. SINTEF Narvik solves railway technology challenges for both rail system managers and train companies

Cold Climate technology

SINTEF Narvik perform research and development on testing of materials, structures and equipment in a Cold Room laboratory with temperatures down to -40 °C and analysis of freezing effects in materials.

Ice mechanics and numerical simulations

SINTEF Narvik perform research and development on advanced numerical models for ice and interactions between ice and constructions, models for level-ice/ice ridges/ice-slush/icebergs and fieldwork

Process- and Environmental Technology

SINTEF Narvik performs research and development within optimisation of production processes, renewable energy, waste valorisation and remediation as well as separation technologies in industries such as petroleum or mineral processing. Within renewable energy SINTEF Narvik has performed research and development with forest-based and Short Rotation Crops, as well as biogas from organic waste. Within solar energy SINTEF Narvik has worked with both production of both ingot and epitaxial silisium, as well as specification and installation of solar modules.

Laboratory facilities

Chemical, Microbiological and Cleanroom laboratories

Mobile Cold room and bioprocessing Laboratories

Field work

Joint Laboratories with UiT Campus Narvik