A selection of completed reference projects are listed here:

  • ColdTech – NORDSATSING project on cold climate technologies.
  • Stable Dams – Advanced solutions for sustainable assessment of existing gravity dams
  • 40t Axle load for freight trains
  • Sustainable Bridges – EU Framework 6 project assessing the readiness of railway bridges to meet the demands of the 2020 scenario (faster trains and heavier axle loads), and means of upgrading.
  • IPSCET – Innovative Production of Solar Cells by Epitaxial Technology
  • Northsol – Nordic Energy Research project on solar power plants in the north.
  • Piteå solar installations
  • Arctic Energy – Interreg Nord project “Low carbon energy self-sufficient Nordic community”.
  • Sustainable Aluminium and Iron production (PhD study by Reza Beheshti)