Process Optimisation is a catch-phrase for a variety of activities relating to the improvement of processes, often with respect to their efficiency, capacity and cost. Some of the activities within this topic at SINTEF Narvik include:

Process optimisation

Application of various simulation software such as

  • Prode Properties multiphase thermodynamic software as an Excel Add-in with Visual Basic.
  • COMSOL multiphysics simulation of heat and mass transfer and reaction chemistry. Used particularly in connection with the IPSCET project in support of the design development, studying Joule heating, and jetting flows in manifold
  • Machine Learning/Principal Component Analysis (ML/PCA) – identification of trends in process data
  • Mass balance model of separation/fraction systems with Excel Visual basic/C++
  • reMIND Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) optimisation

Process intensification

  • Process integration of natural gas-based industries – PhD study by Chen Chen.
  • Cold Climate impacts on process industry.