SINTEF Narvik had developed over many years competence within electrochemistry in connection with corrosion of reinforcement steel in concrete. This competence was extended to the electrochemistry of surface etching of silicon for solar cell wafer production, which found application in the photovoltaic industry that was built up in Northern Norway between 2000-2012. Other activities within material technology have come in connection with metallurgy, composites and bioplastics.

Some activities within Material Technology at SINTEF Narvik include

  • Alkaline electrochemical etching of silicon for solar cell wafer production. A PhD study “Electrochemical Passivation and Texturing of Silicon Wafers in Alkaline Solutions” was made on the topic by Madhu Abburi and a patent obtained. A summary brochure can be seen here. 
  • Alkaline electrochemical etching was further developed in the IPSCET project to investigate the scaling-up of the process to full-sized wafers.
  • The same process principles can be applied to fuel cells; production of hydrogen by electrolysis, electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide and electrowinning of metal ions.
  • Reduction of iron ore with varying ratio of H2/CO ( PhD study by Reza Beheshti, see article).
  • Production of composite materials
  • Production of bioplastic materials.