Advanced numerical models for ice and interactions between ice and constructions, models for level-ice/ice ridges/ice-slush/icebergs and fieldwork.

At present our core activities within Ice Mechanics include

  • Classic ice-mechanics: Physical and mechanical properties for freshwater ice and sea ice.
  • Classification of different ice types such as flake ice, pack ice, ice ridges, ice conditions, concentration and geometric data of ice ridges based on field measurements.
  • Mathematical modeling of mechanical properties for materials based on field- and laboratory trials; effects of strain rate, creep, temperature, plasticity theory, CDM, breakage mechanics, friction.
  • Different types of offshore constructions used in ice-covered sea: GBS; floating production units with vertical and conical forms.
  • Computation of ice forces on structures with use of analytical methods (ISO 19906:2010).
  • Numerical analysis/simulation of interactions between structures and ice in the form of flake-ice, ice ridges and pack ice.
  • Measurement and interpretation of data from field trials, ice forces on structures, both dynamic and static systems.
  • Numerical modeling and simulation of ice forces on dam structures.
  • Construction in cold climate.
  • Construction techology and applied mathematics (basis competence(connection to other NORUT activities).
  • Particularly competence on structural mechanics analyses/calculations and numerical simulations.