Infrastructure in the north must tolerate a harsh arctic climate. SINTEF Narvik develops and improves structures and materials, for example for improvement of dams and bridges of concrete. Maritime businesses and the petroleum industry are other important users of our knowledge. Knowledge that makes a difference for durability, sustainability and safety in the north.

  • Construction technology/structural engineering. In particular competence on degradation of concrete constructions and construction mechanics effects of this.
  • Upgrading/strengthening (computationally based upgrading of concrete constructions generally, but particularly concrete dams and bridges. Reinforcement with CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced polymer) – 3 of the researchers have PhD within this topic.
  • Numerical modeling and simulation – concrete constructions generally, but especially dams and ice.
  • Concrete in cold climate
  • Recirculation of concrete (build competence within the topic)
  • Surveillance/field- and sensor technologies; Structural Health Monitoring (SHM); condition – lifetime – maintenance; Service life prediction.