The process laboratory contains pilot scale equipment for performing process studies, as well as equipment for physical and chemical analyses. Chemical and refrigerated storage is shared with Lab 4. There is one fume extract cupboard for hazardous work and two point extracts for bench work.

Gas chromatograph – Mass spectrometer (GC-MS) (under installation). For the analysis of content and structure of organic compounds, such as petroleum pollutants in the environment, or composition of pyrolysis oil or biogas.

Muffle furnace/ashing oven; Electrochemical etching reactor with DC power supply and Drying oven.

Bomb calorimeter used for determining the calorific value (energy content) of organic compounds.

Parr 4575 High Temperature/High Pressure Reactor (500 °C/ 375 bar) for studying the reaction of chemicals under controlled conditions.

Reverse Osmosis membrane separation test rig. Built enclosed to enable the processing of hazardous waste streams. .

Fume extract cupboard, in use with small-scale electrochemical etching .