Lab 4 is used for microbiological studies, where microbes are cultivated, isolated, enumerated and stored. The effects of biotechnological processes are also studied, such as the separation of biological products and test of surface tension reduction from biosurfactants. Related chemical analyses such as nutrient content can be made with the help of a UV-vis spectrometer.

Cooling incubator for holding microbiological cultures at temperatures between freezing and room temperature.

Hettich Rotina 380R centrifuge for separation of dispersed two-phase samples.

Labconco Freeze drier for preparation of freeze-dried samples.

Kibron surface tensiometer for measuring the surface tension of liquids, such as in the evaluation of biosurfactants

Autoclave for heat treatment and sterilisation of samples and equipment.

Freezers for storing microbiological samples at -15 degC and -80 deg C.

Perkin-Elmer Lambda35 UV-vis spectrophotometer used for chemical analysis , via calibration curves for light absorbance at different wavelengths.

Shaker incubator with temperature control, for cultivating microbial samples.