A separate room off Lab 2 houses the utilities such as storage and distribution of pressurised gases (He, Ar, N2, CO2, O2) and deionised water production. The deionised water is piped in a loop through the laboratories with tapping possibilities at the wet laboratory benches.

There are also four metal cupboards for chemical storage, four fume extract cupboards, compressed air and various variable power supplies. The lab has both 240V 1-phase and 400 V 3-phase electrical connections.

Deionised water system (ChristAqua) with a nominal purity < 1 M ohm cm. Uses Reverse Osmosis and ion exchange. Deionised water is piped on a recirculating system to labs 4, 2 and 1.

Gas flask storage and reticulation

Fume extract cupboards in Lab 2

Emergency shower in Lab 2

Chemical storage cupboards in Lab 2